Wow !!! Our low prices and exceptional service have allowed us to sell thousands upon thousands of these watches and data recorders since their introduction and we are still going strong.  Also, an exciting new Trail Runner model is about to become available. 

Long-wearing polyurethane strap, current speed/pace, average speed/pace, maximum speed/best pace automatic time setting (minutes and seconds) Workout distance, continuous odometer, metric/english units.These are workout companions that you should never be without and they feature new, contemporary Ironman Triathlon styling.  With many models to from which to choose.

We also stock Timex Heart Rate Monitoring Watches heart rate monitor

High-quality GPS transceiver circuitry calculates speed and distance data and transmits it to the watch with synchronized Digital FMMaximum speed 450mph 50 lap memory recall, countdown timer, chronograph, 2 time zones, water-resistant 50 meters and approximate battery life 2 years. Signal for display.

The GPS transceiver includes a strap to wear the unit on the upper arm and a belt clip to wear it around your waist. The GPS system automatically synchronizes time of day with GMT ensuring accuracy. When you take the GPS unit off, you still have a beautifully styled sport watch

Two 50 lap and two 100 lap models now available!! memory recall, average speed or pace, maximum speed or best pace, and accumulated distance, continuous odometer is displayed in your choice of metric or English units.

Other features include dual time zones, daily and weekend alarm, INDIGLO night-light, NIGHT-MODE features and  water resistance to 50 meters.