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The Mollard mission is uncomplicated . . .

. . . to provide you with the finest line of conducting batons, accessories and customer service in the industry !!

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More than 25 years ago in Cincinnati Ohio, Bob Mollard was instructed by his conducting teacher to buy a light-weight, well-balanced baton for a conducting class. He searched high and low and came away empty handed, unsatisfied with the quality of what was offered.

Bob decided to fashion a baton himself, using materials gathered at the local hardware store. The experiment was a superb success and soon conductors from all over the world were contacting him.

And so the Mollard Conducting Baton legacy began . . .

Now Bob Mollard, his wife Connie Mollard, son Patrick and Manager Robert Dye oversee the day to day operations and travel to many music conventions and exhibitions continue the mission . . . and so the Mollard Conducting Baton legacy continues..

Excellence . . . balance, beauty and response:  Mollard is legendary for creating batons of superb balance and apparent weightlessness. With unsurpassed craftsmanship, Mollard batons are hand crafted from the finest hardwoods, especially selected for their warmth and beauty. The handles are polished to a lustrous high gloss, and the shafts are finished in clear gloss or bright white.  Many different baton styles, lengths and weights yield batons suited for the smallest chamber ensemble, opera, theater, military band field work, church, vocal and handbell choirs; Mollard batons are used around the world in many different cultures with many different musical forces.  Every Mollard baton has that "floating" sensation coveted by conductors everywhere. When you hold a Mollard baton in your hand, and it will be instantly obvious to you why they continue to astound conductors from around the world.